Black Jewelry tray for 28 Rings


This ring display holds up (28) rings in a neat way. The wedge shape helps to show the rings at the perfect angle.

Wooden frame covered  with leatherette.

This Fashionable tray fits any type of rings. Making your jewelry stand out and easy viewing.

Great for your personal collection, retail stores, and craft show displays. Sturdy and easy to store, the ring stand is a great way to display rings on your countertops or in a showcase or simply organizing at home.

Size:  W:13.2″



Item No.




Dimensions (inch)

8.4×13.2×1.5 (LxWxH)

Dimensions (cm)

21.5×33.5×4 (LxWxH)


leatherette tray

Jewelry leatherette  tray for 28 Rings

Jewelry leatherette tray are made of high-quality wooden materials and covered with Italian PU (PU leather is an artificial material or artificial leather that does not involve animals. PU leather is considered Vegan leather).

★ Perfect for storefront windows.
★ Jewelry stores showcase.
★ Professional business trade show.
★ Business products display.
★ Organizing personal gifts.

Black Jewelry leatherette tray


Black Jewelry leatherette tray