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When you think about Jewelry Display and Packaging products, you really need Fayez Factory

The Fayez Factory company was founded in 1987, and today is the leading company in Israel for importing, producing, and marketing display and packaging products for jewelry, and specializes in producing display products for jewelry stores and companies.

We produce stands, boxes, branded bags, and lighting accessories, which emphasize the beauty and unique nature of the jewelry in display windows and within the store.

Among our customers are long-established and prestigious jewelry chains, and prominent jewelry stores.
The presence of our products is very conspicuous at professional exhibitions in this country and abroad.
We pay meticulous attention to the quality of the products and supply them on schedule and precisely according to the customers’ requirements. We have committed ourselves to the following values:

* Uncompromising expertise and professionalism for more than 30 years.

* Quality – We pay meticulous attention to:

– A great deal of state-of-the-art equipment.

– High-quality materials.

– Ensuring the perfect finish.

* Personal customization – in accordance with the customer’s requirements, from special sizes to graphics.

* Innovation and creativity

* We offer a wide and innovative variety of display products and work constantly to expand them.

* We have a professional and competent staff, working creatively to provide a response for every single customer